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Enhance any room with a unique print from RTL's recent photo shoot:

To Get Her There

11x17 wall prints. 4 designs to choose from!

melanin (group shot)
folkloric skirt
white shirt

To Get Her There is about the ancestral story and journey from Haiti to Cuba that we are about to relive, study and share through our travels. Together they went and together we shall go. We are living herstory and to honor the herstory we are creating
Together...right now.

Photographer: Luke Atwood Abiol
Artistic Direction: Portsha T. Jefferson + Tossie Long
Text: Tossie Long
Text Layout: Voudux

All proceeds to benefit Rara Tou Limen's upcoming dance project:
RTL Vodou Voyage: Destination CUBA!
August 4-13, 2017